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With our 20 years experience we know your industry challenges

Haldborg Systems Engineering is an independent consultancy company located in Aarhus, Denmark.

With more than 20 years’ experience in change management and systems engineering, Haldborg Systems Engineering has a broad experience in what it takes to analyze, design, build and put complex development projects into action.

We help you lay the pieces of the puzzle and navigate through the complexity with a clear overview, so that you can elevate and improve your development projects.

“The way to simplicity

is a puzzle of complexity.”

Michael Haldborg Schlünzen, CEO, Haldborg Systems Engineering


Innovative solutions that helps you stay competitive

We develop and implement innovative systems engineering management that secures successful and high-quality development of projects.

We helps you systemize, analyze and optimize the development process, so that you can improve your KPIs & ROIs and stay on top of the competition in your market.

We do not only focus on the dependencies between different technical disciplines, but also the relationship between product, process and the people who make it.


We have turned problems into profit for 98% of our clients

Throughout the years we have worked with respected clients and partners in a wide range of industries. From our experience and our expertise in Systems Engineering we have identified a set of key factors that ensure optimal development of complex technical systems.

– Develop in systems by using WBS
– Follow system and interface development throughout life cycle
– Clear Communications
– A controlled Top-Down and Bottom-Up development process

We build our solutions upon these factors to help companies turn problems into profit and potential into action.

Interested in a meeting ?

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